Friday, January 14, 2005


For years, science fiction writers have tempted us with tales of lands that exist only in cyberspace, where you can create a spanking new virtual version of yourself and pursue an alternate existence. After five years of development, There Inc. has opened the virtual doors to such a world, and it makes online chat rooms seem as old as Grandma's Victrola.

Im a big fan of The Sims, which is a computer game where you become someone else and live their life how you want. There, I think is a similar idea but more advanced and probably more realstic feeling when you're there. The price isn't too bad either. Just $20 to regestar and $5 a month. The only bad result of this is that we'll possibly be seeing less people actually socializing in the "outside" world.


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So if Alice has fallen in love with your friend, but does he know it? Brian gives us some good ideas of ways to find out if he has feelings for you to. In the end, honesty appears to be the best solution as Alice found out on the chat lines.

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