Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Apple iTunes Music Store

After years of refusing to pay for digital music, consumers have made Apple's iTunes Music Store the music industry's first digital success story, purchasing a whopping 10 million songs in just over four months. This figure is even more impressive when you consider that the service is available only to Mac users, and that the only portables that can play the tunes are iPods. What is Apple doing right? The answer is part business (all songs in the 200,000-plus library are sold for 99 cents and come from an impressive roster of labels) and part technology (the store is fully integrated into Apple's iTunes software, making it simple to listen to 30-second samples, then download purchased songs into your music library). What's more, while the digital-rights management system does restrict widespread copying, users can still share songs between several Macs and iPods and burn music to audio CDs.

I think that this music store can make it easier for ipod users to get the music they want quick. Especially since they have a large library of music it is open to all types of music. But i'm sure some poeple will learn to get around the loop hole of buying then copying it on thte internet, which isn't so hard to do. Apple will just have to the best they can to keep that from happening because most likely I'll be one the copiers.


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