Friday, February 18, 2005

Discovery Kids Ultimate Labs DNA Explorer

James Watson was only 24 when he discovered the helical structure of DNA, but this kit from Discovery Kids--the first to feature a bona fide centrifuge and electrophoresis chamber--will turn your kid on to the intricacies of genetics at an even younger age. Realistic lab equipment transforms the kitchen into a forensics lab, where your breakfast-bar biologist can extract clumps of real DNA from fruits and vegetables or solve "crimes" by revealing DNA "fingerprints"--telltale blue protein stripes in a gel mixture. $80

DNA, in itself, is a fascinating discovery in science. I think it's a great opportunity for kids who are very young, can understand the complex structure and what makes DNA. I would even like a set for myself because I'm the kind of person who likes doing things like that, pretending you're an important forensic scientiist solving a case. The very idea is in fact thrilling.


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