Wednesday, February 23, 2005

GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System

Overdrying is the most common culprit behind shrunken and damaged laundry--and since most dryers force you to guess-timate drying times, it's alarmingly easy to do. But not with the Profile Harmony Clothes Care System. Tell the washer what you're putting in it (delicates, cottons, etc.) and its sensors measure load size and set the water level accordingly. It then calculates and communicates to the dryer the optimum run time and temperature, saving both your clothes and the extra energy you'd use ruining them. Finally, a good reason for appliances to talk to one another. $2,200 for the pair.

At home we always have lots of problems with setting the time to dry, and most of the time my clothes end up shrinking. An appliance like this could be really helpful, especially for those like me that don't understand too much on that subject. Let's just hope that they don't talk to eah other about finding a way to take over the world.


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