Friday, February 18, 2005

Rayovac I-C3

Conventional rechargeable batteries take an hour or more to rejuice. That's so the pressure in the battery generated by the influx of electricity won't exceed safe limits. Rayovac added a pressure switch to its I-C3 (In-Cell Charge Control) batteries so they can equalize pressure as needed and charge as efficiently as possible. The result is a very civilized 15-minute charge time. The Rayovac 15-Minute NiMH Rechargeable Systems cost $25–$35. AA and AAA two-packs will set you back about $10, four-packs about $15.

A product like this is exactly what I need. I use my batteries so much to listen to music, that I must use about four batteries every two weeks(depending on usage)! Rechargeable batteries are a really life saver if you are a frequent gadget user which requires batteries. Whats more is that it takes an even shorter amount of time to charge the batteries making long waits a thing of the past. I would not recomend this for people who hardly use batteries, the cost must comply to fit the need.


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