Friday, March 18, 2005

Acura TL

Just how smart is it? Let us count the ways: The Acura's eight-speaker audio system plays DVD-Audio discs--a first in North America. Bluetooth technology wirelessly diverts calls from your cellphone to the speakers, and engineers have answered our prayers and made a navigation system with speech recognition. And for pure unadulterated niftiness, you can't beat the 3-D solar sensor that calculates the sun's position and sets the climate control system accordingly. $32,650

I'm sure anyone having this car would fulfill their dreams. Especially a nicesound system so that when you turn up the speakers everyone can tell when youo're coming. I think everyone would love a car like that, one tht can play DVD's is even better. The only downside to that is the driver can never watch it. :-D


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