Thursday, March 31, 2005

HemCon Bandage

Half of all deaths on the battlefield are due to uncontrollable bleeding. And though gauze is often no match for spurting wounds, the bloodthirsty HemCon Bandage is: It contains positively charged chitosan molecules, extracted from shrimp shells, that attract negatively charged red blood cells. As the cells are pulled into the bandage, they create a tight-fitting plug over the wound. "You can have a hole in your heart and 60 seconds later it's sealed," says HemCon inventor Kenton Gregory. The bandage made its debut in the 2003 Iraq war and was FDA-approved for nonprescription use in August. At $100 for a 4-by-4-inch square, it may sound expensive, but if the situation calls for it, we're guessing it'll seem like a serious bargain.

I think its incredible how far science has gone in the past couple years, its going almost too fast. But its new inventions like these that show going into the future can sometimes be a good thing. I also agree that the price is not so bad. If you consider hospital bills and equipment needed to keep someone alive, it all adds up and can lead to a lot more than $100.


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