Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sony Ericsson Unveils New Phones, One Has Walkman

With the latest additions, the world's sixth biggest mobile phone maker launched six new phones in two weeks, one of which was a variant of an earlier third generation model, compared with 25 in all of 2004.

"We'll launch more phones this year than last year, and next year we will launch more phones than this year," Miles Flint, the president of the three-year-old mobile phone venture between Sony and Ericsson, told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Sony Ericsson's new product launches have so far been modest compared with those of bigger rivals -- market leader Nokia (news - web sites), runner-up Motorola and No. 3 Samsung. They typically launch 40 new products or more in a year.

Nokia also introduced three new models on Tuesday, ahead of the CeBIT electronics trade fair in Hanover, Germany next week.

Sony Ericsson is going to be pretty busy for the next couple of years if they are launching all those phones. The phones with a walkmen though, are pretty cool because its like a walkie-talkie and those can be a lot of fun.


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