Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bushnell Instant Replay

The Bushnell Instant Replay binoculars are an example of convergence gone right: an imaging workhorse that not only provides sharp 8x magnification but also captures 2.1-megapixel digital stills and 30-second video clips--both of which can be downloaded to your computer or viewed instantaneously on the pop-up color LCD screen. Smartest feature: Video is constantly being recorded behind the scenes. When you see something you like, just press the capture button and the binoculars automatically save the last 30 seconds. $600 (Note: Meade's CaptureView 2.0 binoculars offer similar options, with slightly less impressive optics and no 30-second recall, for only $200)
When I read this the idea soundeed so familiar, then I realised why. In one of the Harry Potter books there were these binoculars that just about did the same thing accept it had features like slow-motion and other cool stuff. I guess thats why i like these, its like we're getting more and more ahead in the future that I can hardly keep up.


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