Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Queen Mary 2

The newest ocean liner in Cunard's fleet will be the longest, widest, tallest and most expensive passenger ship ever built when it sets sail in early January. The $800 million vessel includes a sweeping lobby and grand staircase that tower over three decks, five swimming pools, a library and two 2,250-square-foot deluxe penthouses. Seventy-five percent of the ship's cabins have balconies, and the world's first shipboard planetarium will help keep the 2,600 passengers entertained during transatlantic crossings. The luxury liner is propelled by four of the largest and most powerful electric motors (or pods) ever used in an ocean liner--two of which rotate 360 degrees to maneuver the ship. The 1,132-foot-long behemoth is controlled from a captain's chair equipped with a videogamer's ultimate dream--a joystick, a computer and five flat-screen monitors.

This sounds like a 21st century Titanic. But hopefully theres nomajor accident. I would say that i'd liek to tkae a ride on this, but it sounds as if the cost for a cheap ticket wont sound cheap to me. Overall it seems like a really cool place to vacation.


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